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This web site belongs to and is prepared by Eddie Todd, 43 Hall Villa Lane, Toll Bar, DN50LG.

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Vote Eddie Todd – The All Party Independent Candidate For Mayor

Why vote for me? Because I have been waiting 30 years to do this job.  I’ve been in business gaining experience to help sort out Doncaster.  The whole area around Doncaster is set to boom with the correct leadership.

All material in this web site this web site belongs to and is prepared by Eddie Todd, 43 Hall Villa Lane, Toll Bar, DN50LG.

Mayor Eddie Todd will start the job at the top big changes need to be made.

Investors in Doncaster need to be confident to invest, they do not want to be restricted or slowed down by the planning and development system.

Mayor Eddie Todd Priority List

  1. Jobs for All 
    Doncaster has a fantastic work force standing by, waiting for the opportunity to work, I will strive to make jobs available for workers.
  2. The Health Service in Doncaster Area is in Desperate need of Help
    Doctors, Nurses and Health workers are being ground down by the system. These people need more pay and less work, the patient administration system takes most of the available funds. The Accident and Emergency Department should only be for this, we need a walk-in fast treatment centre to free up the hospital entry point. Staff parking fees should be reduced.
  3. Doncaster Robin Hood Airport
    Being a specialist in aviation I will be able to talk with the Directors, Investors and the major airlines about the much needed development. The airport has one of the longest runways in the UK, the airspace around is not congested, it’s a 45 minutes flight time closer to the USA. It has a small terminal, a small car park and hardly any business associated with an airport. WHY? Mayor Eddie Todd will try to sort this out.
  4. Theme Park
    We need to get investors to build a big park on Thorne Moors. The area is prime for this development.  I visited Thorne and Moorends and it is clear that the town is bustling with a great workforce standing by. Tourists would visit and go to Doncaster, York and Edinburgh before going to London.
  5. Parking Roads and Taxis
    All these small islands restricting parking and wide pavements mean the streets are full of cars with no parking areas. We have a great council work force who will drop curbs and remove wide pavements to allow home parking spaces. The roads are a total disgrace, potholes everywhere a council team will start working nights filling potholes until I’m happy.  Private hire taxis need help, they are bogged down with rules and regulations. Mayor Eddie Todd will sort out a new taxi system – internet bookings will not be allowed in Doncaster.
  6. Anti-Social behavior and Drugs
    What a joke! I will change this in the Doncaster area. I have been involved in this field for 6 years with my Uncle Eddies Motorcycle Recreation Park. I will give kids more opportunity to train for jobs, reduce drug abuse and give them direction. 
  7. Police
    Police Officers are tied up with paperwork and bureaucracy, they are unable to perform their tasks as Police Officers and helpers in our community.  Policing in the town centre is taking the funding from village policing.  A town centre police contribution fund should be brought in and police officers who work in town will work on overtime rates.  I will make sure Police Officers become happy in their work and are relieved of the paperwork burden.
  8. Housing
    I will streamline the planning system and re-format the areas development plan to encourage property developers to move back more houses will only come with more jobs remember the council have used all their available money.
  9. DMBC
    The council needs help and direction.  The council must be run like a business so that it will earn money and not rely solely on handouts and funding. 

Please take time to vote – Remember, if you post your vote, BE EARLY!.

X Vote Mayor Eddie Todd X On The 4th May 2017, or by post before then.