About Me

All material in this web site this web site belongs to and is prepared by Eddie Todd 43 Hall Villa Lane Toll Bar DN50LG

My father and family have lived in Bentley, Doncaster since 1927.  Roland Todd the world champion boxer was my grandfather.  My father was a Lorry driver, then later, manager of a motor vehicle spares company in Doncaster.

In my early life I worked as a wholesale butcher, plant operator, miner at Bentley colliery, an insurance underwriter, a vehicle and aircraft importer and I owned Todd Tyre’s in Bentley , Scunthorpe and Goole.  During the mining strike I supported lots of miners and their families, giving them work.

In 1973 I became a private pilot I learned to fly at Doncaster Airport on Bawtry Road. I later went to Oxford Aviation College to study aviation and airport operations and I became a commercial pilot.

In 1990 I became a helicopter pilot instructor with my own training schools at Sandtoft, Doncaster Robin Hood and Beverley Airports.

In 1998 I became a fast jet instructor and air show display pilot.

In 2007 I started studying business development, I spent a year studying the coast and rivers of Yorkshire. I invented the Ultrasonic Micro-bubble Generator for use in bioreactors, distillation and dishwashers and I also designed the Eddie Todd Tyre reef with feeder modules for fish Lobsters and Crabs.

In 2011 I took over and started developing Uncle Eddies Motorcycle Recreation Park at Carcroft where I have been heavily involved in stopping anti social behaviour in Doncaster. I’ve been very successful with every project I have been involved in and I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping people. It’s now time for me to help Doncaster people and Doncaster Council. Business promotion earning funds with what we have available will be very easy being a funding sponge is not the way to go, dynamic control and promotion of Doncasters assets is the key to success.

I am running for Mayor in the upcoming elections it’s Eddie Todd o’clock time to vote.

Trust me, go out of your way to Vote for me on 4th May 2017. I’m not a Puppet or a Muppet who will be ordered about to go with the flow I will work with the people and all Parties to get Doncaster back on its feet.