Doncaster Market

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The market traders are totally sick of Councillors and the council. This is the black hole of Doncaster, the DMBC just like Sheffield council have not got a clue. They have been given funding to do work on the market and they have spent millions on consultants which has been a total waste of the funded money. I talked to Babs, Tony and other intelligent, long term market traders – these people are ready for pulling out of the Doncaster market. These people put not just funds, but their lives on the line trying to make a living. I know what they have been going through trying to deal with DMBC, no one has a clue and DMBC have just admitted they have failed again to run the town. To me, I find it difficult to see how anyone could make such a mess of things.

I warn you voters if you let these people continue we will not have a market. I predict DMBC will lease the whole lot off to an out of town company who will make it pay and Doncaster council will lose another asset.  Already traders and people are saying it’s too late: if you have no traders you have no market. Lots of stalls are empty, as a business man looking at setting up I would not set up at Doncaster market. A Doncaster Free Press report says the rent has been not paid into the system because it had been paid as cash which never made it to the bank.

So what would I do if I was in control?

1. Cut the rent paid by market traders by half and employ an honest, big rent collector who pays the money into a market bank account. This man would walk round all day helping keep the market traders happy and safe.

2. Employ a big size man as a market stall controller who sorts out who gets new stalls and where they stand day stalls and permanent stalls.

3. Parking a free, easy stall access parking place for market traders where they can leave their vans in safety.

4. Get rid of the old unused wooden stalls, tidy up the place and put self levelling cement on the floor.

5. The council pay for and put on two free small buses to run from the Frenchgate centre to a new bus pull in at the North East side of the market.

6. Let the market traders run the show; stop consultants and jobsworths sticking their noses in, they all talk about a few stall that are doing ok and keep away from the truth.

7. Post office, ATM and snack bar on the North East side near the new bus stop pull in this would serve the market and the Bingo Hall.

8. Treat market traders as a tourist attraction asset to Doncaster, not vehicles to access funding which is squandered away by people who have not got a clue.

WARNING WARNING On the 4th of May if you the people of Doncaster vote to leave the present controllers in power you will have no market traders.

Vote Mayor Eddie Todd a business man will sort the job.