Doncaster Homeless

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All around Doncaster there are buildings empty the owners are paying rates on these buildings, I would select a few of these buildings and make them rate ( council tax ) free if the owners let homeless people use them.

Most of these useful buildings are pulled down to avoid (council tax).  I would encourage these people to start their own community in selected buildings we could then get shops and people to donate food for them.  Then give them help, some are drug users some are just lost soles most people like me feel good about giving and helping so lets encourage this.  For their own safety I would not allow these people to lounge about in the town most of the people who I have talked to want this and agree these people need help.The town police with the council should take these people to set up buildings where help can be given.  I have looked at these people around the market and central Doncaster it’s an embarrassment.  I know from first hand experience that the system already in place funded by Doncaster council, the NHS and others is failing.

The people running drug detox and help centers have not got a clue or they are being restricted from taking the correct action by people who have not got a clue. I have seen many people with homes who think it is their God given right to be given homes they do not work and yet they keep having kids. I blame the system for this a lack of education, birth control and do gooders giving money away which they don’t have.

We need to start showing our school kids videos of Africa and teach them about their destiny and future. In Doncaster the funds have gone for do good projects these funds have been wasted on consultants and jobsworths not by or on the people on the ground floor.  Lots of people are standing by to help me set up help just give me a chance as your new Mayor and I will delegate one of my team to follow my instructions to sort this whole problem out.