Potholes and Roads


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What a mess all roads are terrible.

Why? Because the job of keeping them nice has gone wrong, another failure of the DMBC system.

Most of the holes and damage to our roads have been caused by utility contractors (road work gangs) who work contracted to Gas, Water, Electric and telephone companies.

Now, if I had a private road and one of these companies came on to do work (dit up my road) I would make this company repair my road if at a later date my road became un-serviceable as a result of their work.

Running up to this election I note that lots of these holes and faults have been painted around with yellow paint, this is because the council are being bombarded with complaints about potholes.

Vote Eddie Todd for Mayor I will instruct the DMBC highways department to start repairs at night and they will bill the companies who caused the damage for the repairs.

Thorne levels the A18 to the peat works – this road is hammered all week by hundreds of massive 40 Ft HGV lorries to and from the peat works. The listed building the Black Bull Pub and Restaurant is suffering with all this traffic the road is being destroyed. This, as I see it, is another failing by DMBC to its residents. The peat works should be billed for the repairs to this road being that their business lorries have caused the damage. Doncaster council is controlled and directed by a solicitor and an accountant they are not doing what they are trained to do which is save money and get other people to pay them money.

This road is just one example I know of but this sort of thing is going on all over.

If you want Doncaster to be run like a profitable business Vote Eddie Todd for Mayor of Doncaster.