Thorne and Moorends

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This is the area I predict will boom. Jobs, houses, hotels and money. At the moment it looks like Thorne centre, the park and canal have been used by the glory hunters to get funding and votes. Moorends looks like a 1960’s closed mining village.  Nothing has been done here, new houses are being built to the West of Moorends adding to Thorne.  The infrastructure is there but some of the people are depressed and some kids are out of control, these are spoiling the place for others. I was shown the wreck, a show peace of the old mining community, which the council say that they have plans to sort this out and return it to its former glory.

It looks to me like this area will be developed by another outside contractor, one who will waste another load of funded money doing things that the people who live there do not want. We have to put a stop to the council passing the buck then blaming bad management.

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